Current Diagnostics and Therapy of Oligodendrogliomas

Authors: J. Mraček 1;  M. Choc 1;  O. Hes 2;  T. Vaněček 2
Authors‘ workplace: Neurochirurgické oddělení FN Plzeň 1;  Ústav patologické anatomie FN Plzeň 2
Published in: Cesk Slov Neurol N 2008; 71/104(5): 537-543
Category: Review Article


Oligodendrogli al tumo urs represent 15– 25% of all brain gli omas. They differ from other gli omas in having a better prognosis. Beca use no immunohistochemical marker has been fo und that can reli ably identify tumo urs of oligodendrocytes, histological findings are often misinterpreted and oligodendrogli omas are less frequently di agnosed in clinical practice. A large number of pati ents thus receive suboptimal care. Molecular cytogenetics has recently begun to play a major role in histological di agnosis and prognosticati on. Chemotherapy has an important role in contemporary management of oligodendro­gli omas alongside surgery and radi otherapy. Tumo urs have a high response rate to the triple combinati on PCV (Procarbazine- Lomustine- Vincristine) or Temozolomide. The combined loss of chromosome arms 1p/ 19q is associ ated with a better prognosis. The pati ents with oligodendrogli omas in this study are presented from the commencement of cytogenetic investigati on. While better histological di agnosis has led to a rapid incre ase in oligodendrogli oma detecti on, the appro ach of some oncologists to its tre atment remain unchanged. Management of brain tumo urs in the present continues to demand an incre asingly multidisciplinary appro ach.

Key words:
oligodendroglioma – surgery – radiotherapy – chemotherapy – procarbazine-lomustine-vincristine – temozolomide – 1p/19q


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