The Process of Adaptati on of the Balance System after Vestibular Schwannoma Surgery

Authors: P. Vrabec 1;  R. Brzezný 2
Authors‘ workplace: Klinika ORL a chirurgi e hlavy a krku UK 1. LF a FN v Motole, Praha 1;  Oddělení ne urochirurgi e FN v Motole, Praha 2
Published in: Cesk Slov Neurol N 2008; 71/104(4): 453-457
Category: Original Paper

Podporováno grantem IGA, reg. číslo NR/ 8439- 3.


Evalu ati on of the process of adaptati on of the balance system as a result of unilateral vestibular de aferentati on (UVD) after vestibular schwannoma surgery based on analysis of the tilt of the subjective visu al vertical (SVV).

34 pati ents (14 men, 20 women, aged 50.97 ± 13.36 SD) with vestibular schwannoma were examined using the method of me asurement of the SVV tilt before the surgery, 9 to 14 days after the surgery, and 12 to 16 months postoperatively. The results were compared with the respective control gro up. The co urse of the SVV tilt in time was analysed in the pati ents.

The difference between the absolute values of the tilt of SVV in pati ents and healthy controls is statistically significant. The same appli es to the difference between the value of SVV inclinati ons in pati ents in subsequent me asurements (p = 0.005), with e arly post- operative deteri orati on to a medi an of 4° SVV. A significantly higher SVV tilt for the left- sided lesi ons in the first postoperative me asurement was observed (p = 0.02).

Conclusi on:
UVD due to vestibular ne urectomy results in e arly SVV devi ati on towards the operated side, and to subsequent gradu al adaptati on of the system to the level before the surgery, which is still different from the normal values.

Key words:
vestibular schwannoma –  subjective visu al vertical –  unilateral vestibular de aferentati on –  otolith disorder –  vestibular adaptability


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