Extra- intracranial Arteri al Micro anastomosis

Authors: D. Krahulík 1;  M. Vaverka 1;  R. Herzig 2;  P. Hluštík 2;  M. Ho udek 1
Authors‘ workplace: Ne urochirurgická klinika LF UP a FN Olomo uc, 2Ne urologická klinika LF UP a FN Olomo uc 1
Published in: Cesk Slov Neurol N 2009; 72/105(2): 142-146
Category: Original Article


Introducti on:
The a uthors present the gro up of pati ents indicated to extra- intracrani al bypass on the basis of evalu ati on of cerebrovascular re activity (CVR) by Transcrani al Doppler Sonography (TCD) and Functi onal Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI).

Pati ents and methods:

Extra- intracrani al bypass was indicated for 35 pati ents over the last five ye ars.

During one ye ar follow‑up, CVR improved in 29 (82 %) pati ents. The patency of bypass was 92 % by TCD. CVR improvement was recorded in one pati ent after nine months. 30- day mortality was zero and 30- day morbidity was 2.9 %.

Conclusi on:
Both the non‑invasive methods of evalu ati on of CVR are safe, generally available and can be used for postoperative screening. Based on o ur experi ence, the use of the two methods can be recommended.

Key words:
extracrani al- intracrani al arteri al bypass –  cerebrovascular re activity –  transcrani al Doppler sonography –  functi onal magnetic resonance imaging


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Paediatric neurology Neurosurgery Neurology
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