Radi ofrequency Therapy of Lumbar Facet Pain

Authors: T. Gabrhelík 1;  M. Adamus 1;  M. Pi eran 1;  P. Michálek 2;  E. Berta 1
Authors‘ workplace: Klinika anestezi ologi e a resuscitace LF UP a FN Olomo uc, 2Department of Anaesthetics, AntrimAre a Hospital, United Kingdom 1
Published in: Cesk Slov Neurol N 2009; 72/105(2): 125-131
Category: Original Paper


Backgro und:
The aim of this study was to evalu ate the efficacy and side effects of radi ofrequency lumbar facet dennervati on.

Percutane o us minimal invasive spinal interventi ons bring new prospects for the pati ents with spinal pain refractory to conservative tre atment. The radi ofrequency pain tre atment is most commonly used technique when nervo us tissue is affected by an alternating electric fi eld of high frequency. We enrolled in total 76 pati ents who underwent radi ofrequency facet dennervati on. The success rate of procedure was evalu ated by observati on of pain intensity according to Visu al Analogue Scale, by qu antificati on of analgesic medicati on according to Medicati on Qu antificati on Scale and also by pati ent’s disability assessment due to pain according to Oswestry Disability Index three and 12 months after therapy.

Significant decre ase in pain intensity (p < 0.001) according to Visu al Analogue Scale both three months (3.0 ± 1.9) and 12 months after the therapy (3.6 ± 1.8) was observed compared to the pre‑procedure level (6.1 ± 1.3). The consumpti on of analgesic medicati on according to Medicati on Qu antificati on Scale before the therapy (11.2 ± 3.6) significantly dropped at three months (7.3 ± 5.0, p < 0.001) and 12 months (9.3 ± 7.1, p < 0.05), respectively. Common daily functi ons disability according to Oswestry Disability Index were significantly reduced both three (24 ± 7%, p < 0.001) and 12 months (26 ± 7%, p < 0.01) compared to initi al value (32 ± 5%). No seri o us complicati on was noted.

Conclusi ons:
Radi ofrequency lumbar facet dennervati on is effective and safe technique. The procedure is commonly followed by reducti on in chronic analgesic medicati on.

Key words:
back pain –  minimal invasive interventi ons –  radi ofrequency thermo ablati on –  facet dennervati on


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Paediatric neurology Neurosurgery Neurology
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