Radiculopathy Caused by Lumbar Epidural Venous Varices – a Case Report

Authors: M. Cingelová;  E. Pakosová;  M. Lovíšková;  E. Pristašová
Authors‘ workplace: II. Neurologická klinika LF UK a UN Bratislava – Nemocnica akad. L. Dérera
Published in: Cesk Slov Neurol N 2011; 74/107(4): 475-477
Category: Case Report


The authors present a case with a rare pathophysiological element. A patient presented with pain in the lumbar region and radiculopathy. The cause of symptoms was established as vascular malformation arising out of epidural varices. Varices are formed in the epidural location by dilation of the lumbosacral veins. They may form masses that compress neural fibres and imitate spinal stenosis or disc herniation. The pathogenesis of epidural varices is not fully understood. Treatment is by surgery and the prognosis is good.

Key words:
epidural venous varices – vascular malformations – radiculopathy – disc surgery


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Czech and Slovak Neurology and Neurosurgery

2011 Issue 4

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