Laboratory Pathway Dissection from Medial Approach to Brain Hemisphere

Authors: A. Hejčl 1–3;  R. Bartoš 1,2;  A. Zolal 1,2;  A. Malucelli 1,2;  M. Sameš 1,2;  P. Petrovický 4
Authors‘ workplace: Neurochirurgická klinika UJEP a Krajská zdravotní, a. s. – Masarykova nemocnice v Ústí nad Labem 1;  Neuroanatomická laboratoř UJEP v Ústí nad Labem 2;  Centrum klinického výzkumu ICRC, Brno 3;  Anatomický ústav 1. LF UK v Praze 4
Published in: Cesk Slov Neurol N 2012; 75/108(6): 707-713
Category: Original Paper


In our paper we introduce the Klingler’s laboratory dissection of brain white matter tracts from the medial aspect of brain hemisphere. We continue in our previously published paper on white matter tracts dissection from the lateral aspect. Anatomical preparations are supplemented with tractographic imaging of some of the white matter tracts.

Key words:
white matter tracts – tractography – Klingler’s dissection


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