Agenesis, Aplasia and Hypoplasia of the Internal Carotid Artery

Authors: P. Vachata 1;  P. Petrovický 2;  R. Bartoš 1;  M. Sameš 1
Authors‘ workplace: Neurochirurgická klinika UJEP a Krajská zdravotní, a. s., Masarykova nemocnice v Ústí nad Labem, o. z., 2Anatomický ústav 1. LF UK v Praze 1
Published in: Cesk Slov Neurol N 2009; 72/105(5): 470-474
Category: Short Communication


Agenesis, aplasi a and hypoplasi a of the internal carotid artery belong to a gro up of very rare congenital anomali es. These mostly incidental asymptomatic cases are combined with a higher incidence of intracrani al ane urysms or other congenital anomali es and with a potenti al risk of complicati ons during ne urosurgical procedures. A gro up of pati ents with an occluded internal carotid artery examined for cerebrovascular reserve capacity was retrospectively analyzed. There were only two congenital anomali es of the internal carotid artery with corresponding findings in the regi on of the carotid canal on the CT scans in the whole gro up of 462 pati ents. Agenesis of the internal carotid artery was associ ated with an occurrence of an ipsilateral high jugular bulb in the first case. A suspici o us thrombotic occlusi on of the hypoplastic internal carotid artery witho ut any other anomali es was fo und in the second case. There were no signs of a failure of the cerebrovascular reserve capacity or any presence of the intracrani al ane urysms in either case.

Key words:
agenesis –  aplasi a –  internal carotid artery –  hypoplasi a –  congenital anomaly


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Paediatric neurology Neurosurgery Neurology
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