Intramedullary Astrocytoma – a Series of 15 Patients and Literature Overview

Authors: V. Beneš lll 1;  O. Bradáč 2;  S. Ostrý 2;  P. Buchvald 1;  F. Kramář 2;  M. Kaiser 1;  P. Suchomel 1;  V. Beneš Jr 2
Authors‘ workplace: Neurochirurgické oddělení, Krajská nemocnice Liberec, a. s. 1;  Neurochirurgická klinika 1. LF UK, IPVZ a ÚVN Praha 2
Published in: Cesk Slov Neurol N 2010; 73/106(2): 169-177
Category: Short Communication


Intramedullary astrocytoma is one of the less common tumours of the central nervous system. Certain ambiguities in the literature led us to make a retrospective review of a series of our own (2003–2009) and to compare the results with available literature. This series comprised 15 patients (10 women, 5 men), mean age 42.6 years. According to the McCormick scale, 5 patients were class I, 4 class II, 1 class III and 5 class IV. No tumour was radically resected, while 11 patients underwent subtotal resection, 4 only bio­psy. Morbidity/mortality was 20% (1 dead and 2 patients deteriorating on the McCormick scale). Thirteen tumours were classified as low‑grade, 1 as grade III and one as glioblastoma. During the follow‑up period (mean 29.3 months) 5 patients died, 4 due to tumour progression. Median overall survival was estimated at 35.8 months. Younger age (p = 0.03), male sex (p = 0.04) and the presence of tumour cyst (p = 0.01) were identified as positive prognostic factors influencing overall survival. Other prognostic factors from the literature are discussed and treatment recommendations are made on the basis of its reviewing.

Key words:
intramedullary tumor – astrocytoma – survival – prognostic factors – literature review


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