Anterior Cervical Osteophytes Caus­ing Dysphagia and Dyspnea –  Two Case Reports

Authors: M. Starý;  P. Tuček
Authors‘ workplace: Neurochirurgické oddělení, Městská nemocnice Ostrava
Published in: Cesk Slov Neurol N 2016; 79/112(6): 719-722
Category: Case Report


Cervical spondylotic radiculopathy and myelopathy are not the only indications of anterior cervical spine approach. In this case report, we present two patients with swallowing and breathing disorders. Conservative treatment failure and progression of symptoms led to surgical treatment. We performed osteophytes abrasion without interbody fusion with no complications. Both patients had complete symptom regression. After a short follow-up of 12 months, the effect continues to be satisfactory. Symptomatic anterior cervical osteophytes are very rare, only case reports occur in the literature. However, we emphasize that there is a need to consider this issue in differential dia­gnosis of dyspnoea and dysphagia. In this paper, we also present an overview of publications on cervical spondylosis complications, with focus on surgical therapy.

Key words:
anterior cervical osteophytes – dysphagia – dyspnea

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The authors declare they have no potential conflicts of interest concerning drugs, products, or services used in the study.

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Paediatric neurology Neurosurgery Neurology

Article was published in

Czech and Slovak Neurology and Neurosurgery

Issue 6

2016 Issue 6

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