Transfer of the Tibial Posteri or Muscle Tendon –  Effici ent Soluti on to Perone al Muscular Paresis

Authors: J. Pilný 1;  I. Čižmář 2;  E. Ehler 3;  P. Dráč 2
Authors‘ workplace: Ortopedické oddělení, Fakulta zdravotnických studi í Univerzity Pardubice a Pardubická krajská nemocnice, a. s., 2Traumatologické oddělení Chirurgické kliniky, FN Olomo uc, 3Ne urologická klinika Pardubické krajské nemocnice, a. s. 1
Published in: Cesk Slov Neurol N 2009; 72/105(3): 279-283
Category: Short Communication


Purpose of the study:
A severe paresis or plegi a of muscles innervated by the common perone al nerve occurs in children (cerebral palsy) and in adults (perone al nerve lesi ons, radiculopathi es L5, sequellae after central nervo us system injuri es, stroke, in ne uromuscular dise ases). Materi al and methods: The a uthors present their own gro up of 18 pati ents, 14 men and 4 women. These pati ents underwent surgery (transfer of the tibial posteri or muscle tendon thro ugh the interosse al membrane) on average 9.2 months after developing plegi a. Results: In a follow‑up assessment almost 3 ye ars after surgery, 64% of pati ents stated that their results were excellent and 29% of pati ents fo und their results satisfactory. Discussi on: Indicati on criteri a, timing of surgery, spectrum of pati ents, ne urological and EMG findings are discussed. A longer durati on of perone al plegi a le ads to the development of hard to remove contractures of the posteri or calf muscle gro up, shortening of the Achille’s tendon, jo int capsules and equinno us deformity of the fo ot. Transfer of the tibial posteri or muscle tendon thro ugh the interosse al membrane and anchoring it at the base of the third metatarsal bone is an effective soluti on to persistent perone al plegi a.

Key words:
perone al nerve paralysis –  electromyo­graphy –  tendon transfer –  equinus deformity


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Paediatric neurology Neurosurgery Neurology

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Czech and Slovak Neurology and Neurosurgery

Issue 3

2009 Issue 3

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